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1 Welcome

Welcome to Natenoms English Wiki which was started in March, 2014.

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This wiki has been discontinued ... though all contents are still available or the URLs have been redirected to my DokuWiki, see here.

2 All pages in this wiki

See Special:AllPages.

3 Mumble project and Mumble related

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This will probably become the largest area in this wiki as I am a fan of Mumble for many years now and I try to document as many about Mumble as I can. foo bar...

See for example

Most of the Mumble related content is still only available in the German wiki, see here. Flag de.png

See Mumble project.

4 Android

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All about Android ... :)

See Android.

5 Photography

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About photography ...

See Photography.

6 Linux

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Linux, server, administration, commandline, etc.
For example:

See Linux.

7 Sauerbraten

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This section will not be moved into this Wiki from the German one as we do not play Sauerbraten anymore. See there for information about own maps, building tips, etc. ...

8 Minecraft

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We play minecraft sometimes ... See Minecraft.


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Some bookmarks... and Linkdumps...
See Bookmarks.