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  • Login as botmaster
  • Remove "source .rvm/..." and "export PATH=xxxxx/.rvm" entries from
    • .profile
    • .bashrc
    • .bash_profile

Download binary


Unpack binary

 tar xvjf rubinius-2.5.8.tar.bz2

Edit .bash_profile and add at the end:

 export "PATH=$PATH:$HOME/rubinius/2.5.8/bin"

Logout and login as botmaster again.

 sudo apt-get install clang
 cd ~/src/mumble-ruby; gem install *gem
 cd ~/src/celt-ruby; gem install *gem
 cd ~/src/opus-ruby; gem install *gem
 gem install ruby-mpd

It still laggs when .framesize 60

E: No installation candidate for ruby-1.9.1-dev bla

Solution: edit ruby-install-0.5.0/share/ruby-install/rbx/dependencies.txt and remove ruby-1.9.1-dev bla or replace it with an available ruby-xxx-dev on your distribution.

Does not compile:, See "Install"

rvm install rbx llvm only 3.0 bis 3.5... sudo apt-get install bison llvm