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Steps to install this MediaWiki.

See also Project:ToDo.

1 Issues

Using composer removes symfony/process which is needed by SyntaxHighlighterGeSHi, to manually install it after an update do:

 php composer.phar require symfony/process

in the root directory of your mediawiki.

2 Configuration

2.1 Disable counters


2.2 Disable account registration

  • set $wgGroupPermissions['*']['createaccount'] = false; in LocalSettings.php

2.3 Disable version information

One can still gather information about MediaWiki version but not about MySQL and PHP (?).

Comment out $this->softwareInformation() in includes/specials/SpecialVersion.php.

2.4 CSS changes

See MediaWiki:Vector.css.

2.5 Short URL

Instead of DOCUMENTROOT/index.php/Sitename we want to use DOCUMENTROOT/wiki/Sitename:

2.6 Favicon

2.7 Open External Link in New Window$wgExternalLinkTarget

2.8 File Upload License chooser

One must create this Page:, for this Wiki see MediaWiki:Licenses.

2.9 Section numbering

Set $wgDefaultUserOptions['numberheadings'] = 1.


2.10 Page Title

Normally the title of a page is its path. To change the title use the magic word DISPLAYTITLE, for example: {{DISPLAYTITLE:Title of the page}}

Also, set in LocalSettings.php:
$wgRestrictDisplayTitle = false;
$wgAllowDisplayTitle = true;

2.11 Sidebar

3 Varnish

4 Extensions

4.1 MsUpload

4.2 SemanticForma

4.3 Semantic Result Formats

4.4 wikEd Editor (Syntax Highlighting)

4.5 CategryTree

4.6 Semantic MediaWiki (SMW)

4.6.1 Help

4.6.2 Extensions for SMW

4.6.3 Removing SMW

4.7 ParserFunctions

Already included in the default installation, but not enabled:

This is needed by many Templates from Wikipedia.

4.8 Piwik

4.9 VisualEditor

Not yet running ...

This editor needs a locally running service for parsing:

4.10 MobileFrontend

Currently disabled.

4.11 intersection

4.11.1 https

Even if the website is used over http, the link to the mobile version is https.

Change line 610 of includes/MobileContext.php to $parsedUrl['scheme'] = 'http';


4.12 Syntax Highlighting

4.13 BookCreator (Collection)

4.14 RSS

5 Things imported from Wikipedia

6 Templates/Modules

The following Templates and all dependencies were imported from Wikipedia:

6.1 Scripts/CSS

Imported and which are needed for some templates from Wikipedia.

6.2 Sitemap

You must setup a cronjob.

Do not forget to setup$wgSitemapNamespaces.

Use https:// urls when running the generator in order to generate https in the sitemap files :)

7 Change the default converter for SVG files

The default converter is ImageMagick, but the quality of converted SVG files is really bad. Use rsvg instead. On Debian the package is called rsvg2-bin.

Then change $wgSVGConverter to 'rsvg'.

8 Google Adsense

8.1 Adsense Extension to add Ads to the sidebar

8.2 Insert the code manually into your MediaWiki skin

  • Edit skins/VectorTemplate.php and search for sitenotice; insert your code, for example:
<span style='font-weight:none;'>Anzeige</span><br />
 your google adsense code
 <hr />