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1 License of Natenom´s English Wiki

The contents of Natenoms discontinued Wiki belong to Natenom. If you want to use content ask for permission BEFORE you do so.

Currently I need to decide whether this Wiki will be licensed under a Creative Commons license or not...

2 Licenses of Images and other things used in this Wiki

2.1 Licenses of Symbols/Icons from the Mumble-Project

The permission for usage was granted by the Plumble developer Andrew Comminos via email.

2.3 Tux Icon

All information about the Tux (the Linux penguin) can be found here.

Information about the license can be found here.

2.4 Licenses of Symbols/Icons from the Oxygen-Project

Some symbols/icons from the Oxygen-Icons are used in this Wiki. Further information about these icons can be found here. They are licensed under the LGPL v3.

If you want to use these icons in non-free (non-)software projects be sure to read the following information:

See Category:Oxygen icons for a list of used icons.

2.5 F-Droid

See the icons here.

  • Copyright 2012 William Theaker
  • Copyright 2013 Robert Martinez

Dual-licensed (pick either) under CC-BY-SA 3.0 Unported and GPLv3 or later versions of that license

2.5.2 About

This is a soft spin-off of the artwork initially designed by William.